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Close to Home

I met Aisha, the matron for the little girls dorm, and her two children Vivian and Vianey when we moved here in July 2017.  Since then, her son Vianey has been my sidekick, my shadow, and sitting in my lap … Continue reading

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Navigating the New

Six months into our adventure in Uganda has been exhilarating and exhausting all rolled in to one.  Having traveled here six times before our move, I thought I “knew” cultural things.  Man, was I wrong.  Every day the Lord opens … Continue reading

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A call came from Jim Telman Wednesday night, March 29, and when he spoke we immediately knew something was very wrong.  Then he said the words I will never forget, “Pastor JJ was killed in a car accident last night.”  My … Continue reading

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When the Enemy Attacks

When God calls you to get out of the boat sometimes he’s telling you to step on to the plane (or into the car).  Going to Uganda is comfortable to me, it feels like home.  I’ve never once been nervous … Continue reading

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Car Wash

  I ran the car through the car wash today.  It hadn’t been washed in a while and it was time, filthy inside and out.  It started on the inside: cheer shoes, straw wrappers, fallen french fries, etc.  Slowly, the … Continue reading

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They Call Me Mzungu

One of my favorite things about Uganda is the children we pass on the road. They excitedly wave and smile while yelling the word “Mzungu”. Mzungu is the Lugandan word for white people. As we communicate with the kids on … Continue reading

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Where I Wander

     In less than 11 days I will be heading out of the country to Uganda.  This is my first mission trip out of the country, so why not make it half way around the world?!  My brain is … Continue reading

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