When the Enemy Attacks

When God calls you to get out of the boat sometimes he’s telling you to step on to the plane (or into the car).  Going to Uganda is comfortable to me, it feels like home.  I’ve never once been nervous or anxious.  This trip was different, it was time to meet a new ministry, new people, and new kids.  Even with the enemy hitting hard before we left, by causing fear and changing plans, God still told us to go.  So we went…


The first two days were easy and fun, we spent it with friends.  The time came to leave, to venture out into the country on our own.  We were being picked up by someone we had never met that had been arranged by someone we’d only communicated with via email.  As fear kept me up that night and the enemy started whispering all of the “what ifs”, I was becoming anxious.  Anxiety and fear are not feelings I deal with often so this was new territory for me.  I prayed for peace and safety, over and over again (Isaiah 41:10).  Morning came, it was time.  Would I go or let the enemy win (it was a serious contemplation)?  As we met Ronald I felt peace come over me and thanked the Lord for the amazing gift of discernment.  We traveled far with Ronald, not having any idea of where we were and if we were going in the right direction but God had planned our path.  When I started hearing the whispers again, I had to go back to scripture, 2 Corinthians 10:5, taking every thought captive and making it obedient to the Lord.  He is not a God of fear.  Let me just tell you, God honors our prayers.  He not only gave me peace that surpasses understanding, Philippians 4:7, (you know, being in Africa with someone we don’t know driving us around, hopefully heading to the correct place…yikes), he provided an amazing person in Ronald.  Ronald took excellent care of us, went above and beyond for us.  I don’t know his story or if he’s been saved by the amazing love of Christ but I pray he saw Christ in us.

All that to say, when God calls, it’s our job to go.  Even when fear surrounds us and the enemy is hitting hard, God is stronger.  God’s plan is better.  Being obedient gives you the blessing God has laid out in advance.  It was  different trip this time and I’ve come away with a much bigger burden in my heart for the kids left behind or thrown out.  God sees them, He knows them, and He loves them.  I’m just lucky enough that he allows me to love them too.

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