Car Wash

e7cf89aa4b542300fa54e22c1bd71aad  I ran the car through the car wash today.  It hadn’t been washed in a while and it was time, filthy inside and out.  It started on the inside: cheer shoes, straw wrappers, fallen french fries, etc.  Slowly, the outside was matching the inside.  It was covered in pollen and dirt.

As I exited, I noticed how clean the windshield was now.  I hadn’t realized how dirty it really was.  That’s when I saw it, a vision of what sin in our life looks like.  This isn’t the first time God has put this message in my heart but today, I paid attention.

The windshield was now clear: free from pollen, dirt, and bird droppings.  The filthiness didn’t happen over night or quickly.  It was a gradual, slow process from the inside out.  This is so much like the sin in our lives.  A little bit here, a little bit there.  Before you know it, you’re covered.  Sometimes we go days, weeks, months, or years without seeing it.  Most times we don’t notice it’s happening, we don’t notice that we’re not seeing things as clearly as we should.

There are times when we need a “quick wash”, not really a deep clean, just a surface clean.  These are the times we turn back to Jesus, repent, correct our course, and move on.  Other times we need to be scrubbed.  Scrubbing takes more effort and can be exhausting (you know, wiping the wheels, vacuuming, cleaning the hidden areas).  There’s usually breaking, pruning, rebuilding involved to get to restoration and returned to new.  Whichever wash we need, His gentle hand guides the process and directs our paths if we let Him.

What kind of wash do you need?

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